New consulting market in China: Wedding Consulting

The consultant for the marriage, a new business in China 

The consultant for the business liked to the marriage appears as a new promising business in China, given that more cups bridegrooms, who face problems, need professionals’ assistants, according to the national Federation of the Women of China.

According to the statistics of the Chinese ministry of the civil Business, the rate of the divorce in China did not stop increasing since 2002, and in 2005, some 1,78 million Chinese couples divorced, is 120 000 couples more than the previous year. On the other hand, the number of the registered marriages decreased. In 2005, 8,23 million Chinese couples got married, decreasing by 441 000 couples with regard to compared with 2004.

According to the national Federation of the Women of China, the consultant for the marriage not only has to have some knowledge on the psychology, but also on the Law on the marriage, the culture of the marriage and the education of the children to the divorced families.

«To serve as mediator for the union and not for the separation «has always be a tradition at the Chinese, but does not have to establish the only principle for the advice in marriage. The consultants have to give professional advice on the basis of the scientific tests, such as the analysis of the characters, the test of the indication of the anxiety and that on the relations of the marriage, etc., indicated the federation.

In case of divorce decided by the couple, they also have to give piece of advice on the division of the properties and the coverage of the children, added the federation. At present, expenses for the services of a consultant in marriage vary between 300 yuans ( 37,5 dollars) and 800 yuans ( 100 dollars) per hour in China.


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