Business plan

Un increasing number of persons intend to open up their own startups, however, il’s such a great cause including business plan , market research ,execution and feedback, etc. Generally, we should apply for a fund from a finance company, which can make easier the first step into marketing. Then we need to draw up a convincing business plan showing our entire preparation.

 Evidently, your businesse plan should be drafted in logic, clear, concrete and practical form after exhaustive reflection and marketing reseach. Then it comes to the content which should be detailed and presented in order. Consider the following steps by Consulting for China Firstly, you should present the logo and name of your enterprise as well as the website and your thoughts about it. Secondly, the operational team should be introduced and identify everyone’s role in the company. If the team consists of several specialists, you’d better make a detailed presentation about what they can bring to the startup. If necessary, talking about their temperature and their previous experience are also welcome in the plan. Generally, a number of at least 2 founder members is reasonable for a founding group, in which one is for sales, another is for tech product. If you don’t have any experience in this aspect, be honest and just explain why you are able to be the right person to run a business.

For an enterprise, the product and service concern almost all the departements in a company. The quality of products or service determine the companies’ continual developement and success. So you should present clearly your products to the investisseur in a simple way so that il’s easy to understand. If possible, we would appreciate it when the model product or blueprint are presented.

The economic situation is a important element the investisseur will certainly consider before making his decision. So present the margin in different cases. You’d better express your ambition and plans for further money making. If your project is already launched, talk about your starting points and how’s everything going. Don’t forget to mention the clients you’ve already conquered and the macket’s reaction towards your products or service. Then you come very naturally to tell about your volume of business in diffenrent periodes. If your project haven’t been carried out, explain why you think it is to be put into effect.

I’m sure that you’ve done your marketing research, and you should also put the results in your plan to explain what the actual market is alike, who your concurrents are and what extension of market you can conquer. If you aim at the international market, explain also how you can make it and what strategies will be adopted to compete with the concurrents.

At last, present your previous account and draw up your new financial plans in which you could expresse new financial requirements. Of course, remember to leave your contact and adresse at the end of yout plan.


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