SJ Grand provides financial advisory to foreign companies in China

Investing in China can be tricky


Investing in China has been seen for many years as a guarantee of success. In the reality, starting a business is much more difficult than many investors can imagine. There are many difficulties such companies can meet when start a business in China : change in law and regulation compare with their usual environment in Europe, difference of culture and customs among their Chinese and Western staff, financial practices which may vary from their initial country… SJ Grand aims to provide a valuable a reliable assistance in these processes of implantation, monitoring and follow-up of foreign business in China. It is especially popular among China’s business environment for its valuable expertise on financial topics.

Established more than 10 years ago, firstly in Hong Kong, SJ Grand now runs a network of agencies in all the China’s top centers of foreign investment: Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Its team of consultants offers a strong expertise all over the process of establishing, maintaining and expanding a business in China. Its specialists are dedicated in developing legal, financial and management solutions to lead their client to growth and lucrativeness.

SJ Grand gives access to transparent financial information


SJ Grand

The key factor to a reliable growth in China is the access to clear and transparent information and data about your company’s financial statement and the healthiness of your investment. SJ Grands has strong experience of China’s market and can give valuable advices about investor’s targets and financial and law status. Its aim is to provide all the needed and crucial information to take the right decision on this difficult environment.

The firm achieve this for its clients by providing specialist financial advisory in China Risk Management, Due Diligence in China and Forensic Accounting.

To conclude, SJ Grand also provides proactive fraud risk analysis and staff training programs to build a workplace culture of fraud prevention.

Ronald Lewi

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