China Metrix provides solutions for Chinese digital market

Investing in a business in China can be attractive to every brand in the world. Especially in sectors such as education, tourism, healthcare, ecology or software, the potential are huge in the Middle Kingdom. But while this market shows great potential, the difference of culture, customs and consumption patterns can be a drag for a multitude of investors. One solution for many brands is to develop an ecommerce business.

Investing on Chinese online market

The China’s Internet can be an outstanding relay of growth for international brands in China, especially when you cannot support retail distribution strategy’s costs. Indeed, a successful retail strategy in China should be support by a network of own-brand outlets; as it is difficult to be included in Chinese distribution network. But only few powerful brands can afford this kind of strategy.

Thus, to be successful in China, it is crucial to plan an investment in online marketing. When this marketing is well-done, it will give visibility and popularity very quickly in Chinese market and will enable the brand to be seen as a reference. Generally speaking, innovation is not worth without any effort to tailor these finding in a marketable way. China Metrix purpose is lead your business and innovation to be worth in Chinese Internet.

China Metrix offers a strong expertise on Chinese digital market

China Metrix

China Metrix is a technology-driven strategy firm founded by 3 China-based consultants. Each of these consultants is expert on Chinese market and digital solution which can assist foreign companies to develop their business in China. Their aim it to help clients by using innovative technological tools; as they figured out that technology was not used to its full potential to aid company to improve their performance. While top-tier strategy firms are too slow in adopting and implementing useful technologies, specialized agencies are unable to focus on the larger goal: improving their client’s revenue and bottom line.

Ronald Lewi


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