Daxue Consulting provides valuable advice on naming in China

Daxue Consulting provides valuable advice on naming in China

Daxue Consulting is a highly respected market research company in China. Consulting for China today is focused on, among other facets, the importance of naming in China, as well as branding in China. Daxue Consulting is the most distinguished consulting firm in China providing consulting services for this complex but highly impactful aspect of a company’s success in China. What is naming in China about, and how doesDaxue Consulting proceed to offer high-quality solutions in this field?

What is naming in China about

Daxue Consulting

Naming in China is all about picking a name that manages to both match China’s cultural and linguistic characteristics, while keeping as close as possible to the legacy of the original brand name. Since Chinese has a limited number of phonetics sounds but an almost infinite number of semantic meanings, it is vitally important to consult with naming experts before settling on a name to go to market. There are three typical approaches. A company can try transliteration, where a Chinese name is chosen that phonetically matches the original name, avoiding any meaning, such as Audi (Ao Di), who picked a name that sounds close but has no meaning. Alternately, they can try translation, where a Chinese name is chosen that conveys the meaning of a brand name while hopefully remaining close in sound as well. Alternately, a brand can try and choose a brand new name that is purely designed for the Chinese market. Daxue Consulting stresses that “… failing to choose a name that finds a balance between these approaches can result in a company being ridiculed by the Chinese consumer for being too hard to pronounce or having an unpleasant secondary (or even primary!) meaning.”

Daxue Consulting offers specific services for name checks in China

daxue consulting naming

Over the years, Daxue Consulting has built a reputation of leading China-based consulting firms in many methodologies: mystery shopping, focus group, online market research, business training, market entry, etc. It has led the firm to be seen as a true expert of the China market and be quoted in some of the best outlets in the world (such as : FT about Chinese formula branding, Global Timed about coffee branding in China, Reuters about international clients in China). When it comes to advice on naming in China, Daxue Consulting also offers the most cost effective services and the best expertise among China-based companies. Thanks to its network of experts and students from the best universities all over China, Daxue Consulting can easily set up and monitor fieldwork (such as focus groups, panels, and online surveys, all crucial to naming and branding research in China) and has strong requirement in term of reliability, validity and professionalism.


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