How to run companies in China

Operation of company in China



Steps of operation of a company in China

According to the market research by Daxue Consulting, the operation of a company in China, has cause of various legal and administrative requirements and the peculiarities of the local business environment , requires knowledge and appropriate practices. The recruitment of staff, the purchase of materials and necessary components for the operation of the company and the organization of the manufacturing process will be probably structured on bases different from those who take place in the country of origin of the parent company. In the case of the companies of manufacturing managed towards the Chinese market take a particular importance the definition of the system of distribution of products, opening of distribution channels and an effective advertising campaign.


What we should do

Looking has to assure has the new company functioning so actual as possible, we should propose an operational consulting service for the market research in China. We choose suppliers as components and raw materials in the expected quality and has suitable prices. For the small investments, to minimize the fixed spending of the company, we offer continuous duties of training and accounting with the cooperation of local expert toilets. For investment big and average, has the demand of the customer, we lead a surveillance of the activities of the toilets of training and accounting and, on the basis of our experience and our skills, indicate effective methods for the optimization of the costs of recruitment of the staff, also by recommending on it. At request of the customer, we lead a Chinese internal follow-up of the market situation. It allows the customer to stay directed in a permanent way on the changeable trends  and the protagonists of the new phenomena on the market of the sector in question. In a frame of cooperation with local specialized firms, we prepare proposals for advertising campaigns adapted to the characteristics of the market; we prepare the corresponding budget and proceed has his execution and, during the long-term campaigns, modify them according to possible new needs.

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