The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers offers the best solution for in-store data in China

The Store-Checkers offers the best solution for in-store data in China

Market research is currently experiencing a substantial evolution. Through high-technology and innovative solutions, the market research companies address more and more unmet needs. The Store-checkers is a symbol of this new trend. Founded in China in late 2013 by three ambitious and bright young entrepreneurs, The Store-checkers offers solution to gather easily and quickly in-store data in China. It has pioneered technological tools retail audits, price monitoring and store checks.

The Store-checkers has been founded to optimize merchandising in China

The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers has been founded in late 2013 by three young entrepreneurs in Shanghai. Leo, Kevin, and Matthieu, the founders, have impressive and complete education background: ESCP Europe for Kevin, who also worked for four years in a market research firm in China, as an analyst; Fudan University for Leo, who grew up in China and has a strong expertise of China market, customs and culture; ESSEC business school, the 2nd business school in France, and Beijing University, the 1st in China, for Matthieu, who also create successful business companies in China.

These three successful entrepreneurs decided to create an app helping retail audit and store-check in China. Indeed, with a market of more than 10 billion USD in China for merchandising alone, the potential of in-store optimization is huge for brands in China. Moreover, in-store data can help foreign companies to better understand Chinese market. It can be suitable for SMEs as well as MNCs.

The Store-checkers make it possible to track data from a single device

The Store-Checkers is above all a research tool, based on mobile application, which allows crowd-sources data gathering. It enables companies leader and data analysts to received data from all over China on a single electronic device (tablet, mobile, laptop). It gives information about the store implementation, about the competition, the prices… in China.

The Store Checkers





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