Stephane Grand is the founder of SJ Grand

Stephane Grand is the founder of SJ Grand

We continue today our focus on the entrepreneur who contributes to the development of French economy in China. Today, our focus is on Stephane Grand, the founder of SJ Grand. It is a firm providing tax, accounting and corporate advisory services to foreign-invested companies in China. SJ Grand has a strong network of professionals and covers all China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Paris.

Stephane Grand has strong experience in China

Stephane Grand

Stephane Grand is a pioneer in China. He arrived for the first time in 1991, when there were only few western counterparts, in particular foreign entrepreneurs, in this country. He has now more than twenty years of financial and legal consulting experience with foreign investors in China. He is specialized in capital structure optimization and management restructuring.

Stephane Grand created his company SJ Grand about ten years ago. This creation was the result of years spent building experience in Chinese market and regulation. He especially gained hands-on experience of the Chinese legal and tax system by working as a consultant in the law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel in Beijing. It leaded him to work later on for the World Bank legal reform and private sector development departments.

After few years in the US, working as a senior consultant with Coltrin and Associates in New York and as founding partner of Scanbuy (a barcode technology firm), he got back in China to take the lead in Chinese office of an audit and advisory firm in Beijing.

Stephane Grand is in great demand with schools and institutions

SJ Grand

After ten years as the founder and managing director of SJ Grand, Stephane Grand is now seen as a major actor of French economy in China. His strong knowledge and experience are in great demand with European and American universities and institutions. He regularly teaches on business law and corporate finance in China in the Graduate school of business of the University of Illinois. He also gives lecture in Belgium and France.

Finally, Stephane Grand was invited in March 2014 to the European Commission to discuss the set-up of the Strategic Agenda for the bilateral relation with China.

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