Branding China: Laneige in China

Branding China: Laneige in China

South Korean’s cosmetic giant, Amore Pacific, house to a dozen of successful skincare and makeup lines, plans to take it to the next level in China. Its brand, Laneige, has been doing well since its launch across Mainland China and in Hong Kong in 2005: indeed, the luxurious blue and white packaging products earned quite a lot of Chinese fans.

Laneige China       Named兰芝 Lan Zhi (Orchid/Sesame) in China, the brand has chosen a phonosemantic translation for its brand name : Laneige means snow in French, but as much as snow is a symbol for purity and beauty in Korea, it’s not the same in China. Its Chinese counterpart is known to be the orchid, and that’s why Laneige chose the Lan character, used widely in the cosmetics and beauty market. For the Zhi character, I tmight be a reminder as to the Korean origins of the brand: Korea is known for using traditional herbal medicine, just like China, and sesame is a cosmetic ingredient that’s moisturizing and that helps lock in the moisture, just like china seeds. In any case, the name of 兰芝 Lan Zhiseems to have attracted many Chinese customers and to have enabled the brand an established fan base in China.

With needs that are each day more and more defined, the Chinese clientele is expecting fast improvement on theire very growing skincare regimen, and that’s something South Korean cosmetic brands are known for : innovation after innovation, the globally renowned country of beauty brought up numerous patents to add to their collection : for one who wants to achieve perfect skin, that’s essential. Indeed, with South Korea’s rising popularity in the cultural and entertainment field, grew the interest in their beauty tips and skincare routine.

Young girls are craving for Snowhite-like skin, also referred to as Song HyeKyo skin or Jung Ji Hyun skin: Laneige has well understood this fact. With these two celebrities as the brand’s spokespersons, they have attracted numerous consumers to their counters, and made their water-science technology popular across all the country.

Currently third in the Chinese market, Amore Pacific is planning on becoming the « Asian beauty creator », eyeing the currently top leading western firms’ market shares (L’Oréal and P&G). With Laneige’s rising popularity; and the launch of several other popular brands (Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhalsoo… All targeting a different audience), Amore Pacific is gearing towards its goal and never wavering: we can already expect impressive results from this innovative and ambitious company in the next few decades!

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