Writing assignment in China

Writing assignment in China

Why are some of us easily affected by the majority’s action whereas others frequently make unique choices? Biometric model fitting revealed suggests that the common family and cultural environment has important ramifications for conformity. It is said that the shared environmental component played a sizable role in shaping individuals’ conforming behavior, and the influence increased with age. So we need Chinese conformity assessment system, which stands by the decision of the majority.

Chinese conformity assessment system, which was lawfully established by the certification and accreditation administration of the people’s republic of china, is responsible for the qualification accreditationof all kinds of management system certifications and product certifications.

Actors in the Chinese conformity assessment system:

  • Organizational Structure:
  • The Board;
  • Executive Committee;
  • Technical Committee for Certification Body;
  • Technical Committee for Laboratory;
  • Technical Committee for Inspection Body;
  • Appraisal Committee;
  • Appeal Handling Committee;
  • End-User Committee and Secretariat.

CMembers of CNAS Boardare from:

  • Government departments;
  • Conformity assessment bodies;
  • Clients of conformity assessment service;
  • Users of conformity assessment;
  • Professional bodies and technical experts.

CCNAS Main Leadership:

  • CNAS Chair: Madam Wang Fengqing;
  • CNAS Chief Executive: Mr. Xiao Jianhua;
  • CNAS Deputy Chief Executive:Mr.LiuXin,Mr.FanEnjian,Dr.SongGuilan.

CCertification body:

By the end of June 2013, CNAS has totally issued 134 certification bodies in various fields. Thesecertification bodies have issued more than 720,000 accredited certificates. CNAS has totally accredited 5648laboratories, including 4792 testing laboratories, 653 calibration laboratories, 125 medical laboratories, 46Bio-safety laboratories, 7 reference material producers and 25 providers of proficiency testing. CNAS hastotally accredited 379 inspection bodies.


Who is influencing the conformity?

  • International:

Accreditationlaw: China national accreditation system for conformity assessment has a significant position in international accreditationactivities. Its accreditation has been brought into the international multilateral recognition system, and is playing animportant part in it. CNAS is a full member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF), International LaboratoryAccreditation Cooperation (ILAC), Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and PacificAccreditation Cooperation (PAC).As a signatory of IAF MLA and ILAC MRA, CNAS is licensed to use the combined marks within MLA/MRA scope. Meanwhile, its accreditation results are recognized by other MLA/MRA signatories.

So as far as I’m concerned, Chinese conformity assessment system should obey the international law of the MLA/MRA.

(2)           Chinese Government;

CLaw: The members (CNAS) must guarantee that the decisions made by them are according to the law and regulations of People’s Republic of china, and promise to undertake the corresponding responsibilities.

CDomestic Economic Situation:In exercising the regulation, the government must focus on ensuring a sustained and rapid growth of the economy, be alert to changes in the international and domestic economic situations, and improve their ability to predict and cope with them effectively. For example, as severe as the economic impact has been, the outcome could be decidedly worse. The government would increase the quantity of the qualified enterprises, which may be a big driver of the current upturn. The economic turnaround would pull millions out of poverty and is creating a thriving middle class.

CGuidance of the state plan: Organizations have decision-making power in conducting independent economic activities, on condition that they accept the guidance of the state plan and abide by the relevant laws. These organizations would get benefits under the quota system.

CPolitical interference and corruption: Collusion between government and businessmen and the corruption are serious. There has been a happy marriage between corporations and government officials, which has had the effect of corrupting both.

(3)           CNAS;

CWhether the evaluation ability of CNAS is high or not;

CPolitical interference and corruption: Collusion between CNAS makers and businessmen and the corruption are serious.

(4)           Organizations;

CThe operation of the organizations to be evaluated is well;

CCorporate fraud: Outright fraud aside, most SOE (state-owned enterprises) managers do not know what their real profits are, and tell their superiors what they want to hear.

(5)           The force of public opinion.


The decision maker:

  • CNAS workers play a major role:

CAcceptance specification:

(1) Certification Body Accreditation:

  1. Accreditation of Management System Certification Bodies;
  2. Accreditation of Product Certification Bodies
  3. Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies;
  4. Accreditation of Software Process and Capability Maturity Assessment Bodies.

(2) Laboratory and Relevant Bodies Accreditation

(3) Inspection Body Accreditation

CAcceptance Criteria:

(1) Accreditation Criteria for Certification Bodies;

  1. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management system;
  2. General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems;
  3. General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons;
  4. General requirements for software process and capability maturity assessment bodies;
  5. Requirements for Information Security Management System Certification Bodies;
  6. Requirements for Food Safety Management System Certification Bodies;
  7. Requirements for Energy Management System Certification Bodies.

(2) Accreditation Criteria for Laboratories and Relevant Bodies;

  1. Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories;
  2. Accreditation Criteria for the Quality and Competence of Medical Laboratories;
  3. Accreditation Criteria for Proficiency Testing Providers;
  4. Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Reference Material Producers;
  5. Accreditation Criteria for Laboratory Bio-safety.

(3) Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Bodies.

  • Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Inspection Bodies.
  • Chinese government and Relevant international organizationsplays a secondary role.


By Matthieu David


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