English tests have growing importance for international students

The GRE English test program has experienced a new growth in 2014. As other language tests have experienced a slowdown for the second year (in particular the TOEFL has been denied in UK), the volume of the GRE test showed continuous rise and have reached a double-digit growth among the international base of candidate as well as among business population.

English testGenerally speaking, English level tests in China have been stable in 2014, while internationally the growth has been more than 11%, recording a sales profit of 25% in Africa, 11% in Asia and about 30% in Latin America.

Here are some specific trends about the English Test in 2014, compared with 2013:

  • In India, the application for the English test has grown to nearly 22%, with more than 110 000 in this country only.
  • In Korea, the rise has been about 10%
  • Le nombre de tests qui ont eu lieu en Chine est demeuré stable, mais le nombre de citoyens chinois qui ont subi le test GRE aux États-Unis a augmenté.
  • The number of tests which have been passed in China has been stable. Still, the number of Chinese citizens who have passed the English test in the US has been growing.

“The English test program GRE is still as much developing. The total annual volume has showed growth to 15% since 2008 and applicants from all around the world have claimed interest in 2014 for this English test”, said D. Vincent, from English test preparation program Global Exam (more information here). “While English level never has been so popular worldwide, students can use these exams to apply for International programs, MBA programs and market programs all around the world.”

Results of English tests are recognized in thousands of institution and hundreds of countries in the world. In particular, about 1500 schools ask for English test results to apply for MBA programs. Currently, 105 out of 120 of the most prestigious business schools in the US recognized English tests according to USA Today and FT.

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