Chinese Tourism in China

Chinese Tourism

Chinese tourists have a strong reputation abroad. First, they are numerous: China is one of the leading markets worldwide. According to the Tourist Administration of China, over 97 millions of Chinese went abroad in 2013 and it will be more than 100 millions in 2024.

Australia has become the number one destination. Of course, the strong love of China for France is still strong and the European country remains at the 2nd step of the podium. Meanwhile, New Zealand is in 3rd place. Surprisingly the actual most visited destinations are none of these three. USA, Hong Kong and Thailand are on the podium while France is in 5th place.

market of bag in China

The Rising Income of Chinese Households

With the rising income in households in China, Chinese travelers have more confident to travel independently and try out new destinations. It’s easier to search, compare and book thanks to Internet. Moreover, governments worldwide have relaxed their visa regulations and there are more and more low cost airlines launching. From the latest report of Daxue Consulting on its Market Research, we could see that these changes have encouraged Chinese people traveling 4.67 times during the 5 previous years in 2014 against 3.53 in 2013. Almost all Chinese (97%) travel for leisure purposes, and 54% of the time they travel with children and wife/husband. Only 16% travel alone.

Chinese people travel more and their habits are evolving, creating a gap between the older generation and the new one. First, 67% book their trips on their own. But the 55+ years old (56%) still prefer to organize their trip through travel agencies. Nowadays, 53% of bookings are done online through web browser or applications.

China’s international travelers are amongst the wealthier of China’s citizens, with an average annual household income of 245,729 RMB (US$39,7846), compared to the Chinese population average of 49,920 RMB (US$8,0827) in 2013. Nevertheless, 21 % of Chinese international travelers have a household income of less than 100,000 RMB (US$16,1906) per year. Of course, with the growing incomes standards come the increasing of higher and services and structures.

Chinese tourists choose their destinations by crosschecking multiples criteria such as safety, historical and heritage sites or cuisine. They are now much more difficult to satisfy. Things, which were “options” before, are now mandatory, such as free Wi-Fi, mandarin speaking staff or union pay support. Medical tourism has also the wind in its sails with main destinations like Thailand, India or Singapore. Consumers in this booming tourism are ten times richer than the average traveler.


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