Stephane Grand is the founder of SJ Grand

Stephane Grand is the founder of SJ Grand

We continue today our focus on the entrepreneur who contributes to the development of French economy in China. Today, our focus is on Stephane Grand, the founder of SJ Grand. It is a firm providing tax, accounting and corporate advisory services to foreign-invested companies in China. SJ Grand has a strong network of professionals and covers all China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Paris.

Stephane Grand has strong experience in China

Stephane Grand

Stephane Grand is a pioneer in China. He arrived for the first time in 1991, when there were only few western counterparts, in particular foreign entrepreneurs, in this country. He has now more than twenty years of financial and legal consulting experience with foreign investors in China. He is specialized in capital structure optimization and management restructuring.

Stephane Grand created his company SJ Grand about ten years ago. This creation was the result of years spent building experience in Chinese market and regulation. He especially gained hands-on experience of the Chinese legal and tax system by working as a consultant in the law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel in Beijing. It leaded him to work later on for the World Bank legal reform and private sector development departments.

After few years in the US, working as a senior consultant with Coltrin and Associates in New York and as founding partner of Scanbuy (a barcode technology firm), he got back in China to take the lead in Chinese office of an audit and advisory firm in Beijing.

Stephane Grand is in great demand with schools and institutions

SJ Grand

After ten years as the founder and managing director of SJ Grand, Stephane Grand is now seen as a major actor of French economy in China. His strong knowledge and experience are in great demand with European and American universities and institutions. He regularly teaches on business law and corporate finance in China in the Graduate school of business of the University of Illinois. He also gives lecture in Belgium and France.

Finally, Stephane Grand was invited in March 2014 to the European Commission to discuss the set-up of the Strategic Agenda for the bilateral relation with China.

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The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers offers the best solution for in-store data in China

The Store-Checkers offers the best solution for in-store data in China

Market research is currently experiencing a substantial evolution. Through high-technology and innovative solutions, the market research companies address more and more unmet needs. The Store-checkers is a symbol of this new trend. Founded in China in late 2013 by three ambitious and bright young entrepreneurs, The Store-checkers offers solution to gather easily and quickly in-store data in China. It has pioneered technological tools retail audits, price monitoring and store checks.

The Store-checkers has been founded to optimize merchandising in China

The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers has been founded in late 2013 by three young entrepreneurs in Shanghai. Leo, Kevin, and Matthieu, the founders, have impressive and complete education background: ESCP Europe for Kevin, who also worked for four years in a market research firm in China, as an analyst; Fudan University for Leo, who grew up in China and has a strong expertise of China market, customs and culture; ESSEC business school, the 2nd business school in France, and Beijing University, the 1st in China, for Matthieu, who also create successful business companies in China.

These three successful entrepreneurs decided to create an app helping retail audit and store-check in China. Indeed, with a market of more than 10 billion USD in China for merchandising alone, the potential of in-store optimization is huge for brands in China. Moreover, in-store data can help foreign companies to better understand Chinese market. It can be suitable for SMEs as well as MNCs.

The Store-checkers make it possible to track data from a single device

The Store-Checkers is above all a research tool, based on mobile application, which allows crowd-sources data gathering. It enables companies leader and data analysts to received data from all over China on a single electronic device (tablet, mobile, laptop). It gives information about the store implementation, about the competition, the prices… in China.

The Store Checkers





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How to run companies in China

Operation of company in China



Steps of operation of a company in China

According to the market research by Daxue Consulting, the operation of a company in China, has cause of various legal and administrative requirements and the peculiarities of the local business environment , requires knowledge and appropriate practices. The recruitment of staff, the purchase of materials and necessary components for the operation of the company and the organization of the manufacturing process will be probably structured on bases different from those who take place in the country of origin of the parent company. In the case of the companies of manufacturing managed towards the Chinese market take a particular importance the definition of the system of distribution of products, opening of distribution channels and an effective advertising campaign.


What we should do

Looking has to assure has the new company functioning so actual as possible, we should propose an operational consulting service for the market research in China. We choose suppliers as components and raw materials in the expected quality and has suitable prices. For the small investments, to minimize the fixed spending of the company, we offer continuous duties of training and accounting with the cooperation of local expert toilets. For investment big and average, has the demand of the customer, we lead a surveillance of the activities of the toilets of training and accounting and, on the basis of our experience and our skills, indicate effective methods for the optimization of the costs of recruitment of the staff, also by recommending on it. At request of the customer, we lead a Chinese internal follow-up of the market situation. It allows the customer to stay directed in a permanent way on the changeable trends  and the protagonists of the new phenomena on the market of the sector in question. In a frame of cooperation with local specialized firms, we prepare proposals for advertising campaigns adapted to the characteristics of the market; we prepare the corresponding budget and proceed has his execution and, during the long-term campaigns, modify them according to possible new needs.

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Daxue Consulting provides valuable advice on naming in China

Daxue Consulting provides valuable advice on naming in China

Daxue Consulting is a highly respected market research company in China. Consulting for China today is focused on, among other facets, the importance of naming in China, as well as branding in China. Daxue Consulting is the most distinguished consulting firm in China providing consulting services for this complex but highly impactful aspect of a company’s success in China. What is naming in China about, and how doesDaxue Consulting proceed to offer high-quality solutions in this field?

What is naming in China about

Daxue Consulting

Naming in China is all about picking a name that manages to both match China’s cultural and linguistic characteristics, while keeping as close as possible to the legacy of the original brand name. Since Chinese has a limited number of phonetics sounds but an almost infinite number of semantic meanings, it is vitally important to consult with naming experts before settling on a name to go to market. There are three typical approaches. A company can try transliteration, where a Chinese name is chosen that phonetically matches the original name, avoiding any meaning, such as Audi (Ao Di), who picked a name that sounds close but has no meaning. Alternately, they can try translation, where a Chinese name is chosen that conveys the meaning of a brand name while hopefully remaining close in sound as well. Alternately, a brand can try and choose a brand new name that is purely designed for the Chinese market. Daxue Consulting stresses that “… failing to choose a name that finds a balance between these approaches can result in a company being ridiculed by the Chinese consumer for being too hard to pronounce or having an unpleasant secondary (or even primary!) meaning.”

Daxue Consulting offers specific services for name checks in China

daxue consulting naming

Over the years, Daxue Consulting has built a reputation of leading China-based consulting firms in many methodologies: mystery shopping, focus group, online market research, business training, market entry, etc. It has led the firm to be seen as a true expert of the China market and be quoted in some of the best outlets in the world (such as : FT about Chinese formula branding, Global Timed about coffee branding in China, Reuters about international clients in China). When it comes to advice on naming in China, Daxue Consulting also offers the most cost effective services and the best expertise among China-based companies. Thanks to its network of experts and students from the best universities all over China, Daxue Consulting can easily set up and monitor fieldwork (such as focus groups, panels, and online surveys, all crucial to naming and branding research in China) and has strong requirement in term of reliability, validity and professionalism.

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Mysimax Mix pro

MySimax, tech star in Africa

Mysimax assists the rise of African power

With globalization and restructuring in the worldwide political and economic systems, emerging countries have urgent needs for educational improvement at all levels, especially at the tertiary level. While educational tools are almost always more innovative in developed countries, this sector has yet to start its development from scratch in many less favored countries. Both formal education and informal learning for adults are crucial in these emerging countries.

Today, some projects, companies, and entrepreneurs aim to contribute to this development in emerging countries, especially in Africa. In particular, we can see for a few months the establishment of new technologies designed to assist the management of sectors including education, health care, and administration.

 Mysimax, a China-based startup

Mysimax Mix pro

MySimax is a China-based start-up that is willing to contribute to make technology available in emerging countries, especially in Africa. It offers tablets and a wide range of apps specifically designed for these countries. The apps aim to respond to unmet needs in crucial sectors such as education and health care.

“Emerging countries are the markets of tomorrow for high-end technological devices,” JX Paulin, the founder and CEO of MySimax, told us. “Consumers from these countries desire to enjoy the same consumption as their equals in western countries, and it would be absurd to not propose to them a customized offer.”

“Nevertheless, it would be an error to enter into these markets without an effort of adaptation and understanding,” Paulin added. “They require knowledge of the local environment. It is a question of being a provider of high-quality and adapted solutions and of giving access to the technology. And it can be possible through partnerships with local investors or communities because we cannot address only the private individuals in such countries. It includes governments, administrations, schools, and all organizations related to the public communities.”

During his twenty-year working experience in China, half of them as an entrepreneur, Paulin spotted the impact of technology in the process of the country’s development. He was one of the few Europeans to believe in the growth of China as a world power twenty years ago, and he perceives the same potential in Africa today.

MySimax’s project started in 2008 with the meeting of Paulin and cofounder Mikael Jacob. They soon started designing Mysimax. Jacobs is an expert in IT with deep insights into Chinese tech manufacturers and a valuable industry network that allowed him to quickly contact the best hardware suppliers that could offer the products that met Mysimax standards.

After a few years of development, the brand has received positive feedback from various institutions (including schools, hospitals, administration) and leaders to whom the founders have spoken.

“In schools, tablets are very interesting for all the teachers or the directors we met because they are seen as the perfect alternative for books. Actually, they can replace the whole school bag,” joked Paulin. “Tablets allow (students) to store not only the same support and all the teaching content, but also additional contents such as videos and audio material. It can give tools, like the search engine, to the student to increase his(her) knowledge individually. Last but not least, this tool can enable students to increase their interaction with other students, those within the class and those from different schools.”

 MySimax: the promess of high-tech for Africa

JX Paulin

JX Paulin, founder of Mysimax

According to its founders, MYSIMAX is a real growth opportunity for the tablets market and high-tech markets in general. “Emerging countries are tomorrow’s leading markets. Those living in these countries long to share the same consumer experiences as their Western countries counterparts. Not offering them products adjusted to their needs would be completely preposterous,” says Paulin. MYSIMAX’s goal is to provide African consumers with these experiences while also targeting countries that plan on placing technologies at the heart of their development strategies and “strive to be at the forefront of African development.”

This is why MYSIMAX’s strategy is to reach consumers through organizations. To this end, it signs partnerships with many government administrations, schools, universities, and medical institutions, thus integrating its tablets at the heart of these emerging markets. “The goal is not to enter the markets by solely relying on retail and communication,” explains Paulin. “It is about stepping up as a solution provider and paving the way for more and more technology to be available to all Africans. This means setting up partnerships with local investors or governments because we cannot only target end consumers.”

MYSIMAX’s tablets were specifically designed for use in schools and universities. They sport many built-in apps that will soon prove essential to both teachers and students. However, many features can be adjusted to student needs. These tablets improve student work analysis for the teachers and also trigger interest in young students. “Tablets,” Paulin said, “particularly catch the attention of the organizations that we contact because tablets are ideal alternate solutions to books and pencils.”

Later on, MySimax’s founders are expecting a wider diffusion of their tablets to other sectors. They will develop tailor-made applications for pharmacists, doctors, government administrators, and other individuals who address public needs. Eventually, the idea is to connect countries as a whole.

Never tell Paulin that Africa is unready for high tech. He responds, “This is exactly what people were telling me twenty years ago when I first moved to China. I guess time proved me right, and I was not such a fool to settle in China.”


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Create a WFOE in China

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) is a company with foreign capital. In China, the WFOE was originally designed to encourage the industrial activities turned to the export or in the advanced technology. However since China entered the World Trade Organization, these conditions were given up and the WFOE became more democratic.

From now on the WFOE is used from now on by service companies and of consulting, import export and company of software also.

Advantages of the WFOE in China

A WOFE presents numerous advantages:

– Autonomy: contrary to an office of representation, the WFOE can lead itself classic commercial activities, emit and register invoices. It is not also necessary to have a parent company established for at least two years to open a WOFE;

– Control: the WOFE offers a total control over the capital, the management and the operations of the company, the easy repatriation of dividends and is the way most on to avoid the dangers of the joint-venture (retreat of the Chinese partner, etc.);

– Flexibility of the HR policy: there is no limitation on the number of foreign employees.

Consulting for China_WFOE

Needs for a WFOE creation in China

1. The capital

The minimum capital depends on the envisaged district of setting-up(presence), on the business sector and on the frame of the operations of the company. For informational purposes, below the minimum capital to be invested according to the business sector:

– WOFE of Services(Departments): from 500,000 RMB

– WOFE of Consulting: from 500,000 RMB

– WOFE / FICE of Trading: from 1,000,000 RMB

– WOFE Food and Beverage: from 1,000,000 RMB

– WOFE of Production: at least 1,000,000 RMB

To avoid the premature bankruptcies first year, the government rejects generally corporate development plans sub-capitalized. These must thus be able to finance almost all of their spending the first year.

ConsultingforChina_create a WFOE


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China Metrix provides solutions for Chinese digital market

Investing in a business in China can be attractive to every brand in the world. Especially in sectors such as education, tourism, healthcare, ecology or software, the potential are huge in the Middle Kingdom. But while this market shows great potential, the difference of culture, customs and consumption patterns can be a drag for a multitude of investors. One solution for many brands is to develop an ecommerce business.

Investing on Chinese online market

The China’s Internet can be an outstanding relay of growth for international brands in China, especially when you cannot support retail distribution strategy’s costs. Indeed, a successful retail strategy in China should be support by a network of own-brand outlets; as it is difficult to be included in Chinese distribution network. But only few powerful brands can afford this kind of strategy.

Thus, to be successful in China, it is crucial to plan an investment in online marketing. When this marketing is well-done, it will give visibility and popularity very quickly in Chinese market and will enable the brand to be seen as a reference. Generally speaking, innovation is not worth without any effort to tailor these finding in a marketable way. China Metrix purpose is lead your business and innovation to be worth in Chinese Internet.

China Metrix offers a strong expertise on Chinese digital market

China Metrix

China Metrix is a technology-driven strategy firm founded by 3 China-based consultants. Each of these consultants is expert on Chinese market and digital solution which can assist foreign companies to develop their business in China. Their aim it to help clients by using innovative technological tools; as they figured out that technology was not used to its full potential to aid company to improve their performance. While top-tier strategy firms are too slow in adopting and implementing useful technologies, specialized agencies are unable to focus on the larger goal: improving their client’s revenue and bottom line.

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