panel in China

Be panelist in China

Panel in China

What is the role of a panelist? To give advice, opinion or answer questions. But what makes a good panelist? Definitely solid experience. Daxue Consulting, a French company specialising on marketing research and business advice, is not only highly experienced, but also has strong network, database and frequent references in panel.

panel in China

As it was stated, experience is crucial for being involved in panel discussion. Both Chinese market and its consumers are extremely complex, with its own features and characteristics, which are not typical for Europeans. Therefore, it is crucial to know the market from inside for fair and reliable judgement. Daxue Consulting, after being presented in Chinese market for several years, has enough confidence and enthusiasm to participate in panel discussions. It frequently releases reviews and observable articles on different markets, based on the company’s knowledge and experience of China.


As economists like to say, the economy has a lot of question and even more answers; however, it is not clear yet, which answer is correct. This implies that all answers, no answer or just one can be correct. This makes panels extremely interesting in China. Being a country with constantly transforming economy, with various market trends and directions, China needs more ideas, opinions and discussions, which collaboratively will evaluate the complex Chinese market.

 Good panelist, good research, good database

Another important characteristics of being a good panelist is having a sound database. Good research profile in various markets and for various companies creates a solid base for panel discussion. Each market research, either small or global, requires some data base and data analysis, which help to write a review on a market. As a result, a panelist may suggest good arguments and opinions, which are based on real facts and data. Daxue Consulting is proud of its large data base and numerical information about various markets, which came from active involvement into various research areas. Thus, on our website, you can find a lot of articles and reports on various markets in China including interior design, coffee, investment opportunities in second-tier cities and many others. All these articles are based on vigourous search of data and its deep analysis, which allow our company to be a successful panelist.

 Network are crucial for panelist in China

Good network and reference are crucial for panelist. It must be recognised by its readers, have some supporters and opponents. This is basically the main idea of panels: discussion. Different panelists interpret the data and information in different ways thus giving various opinions and judgements. This is beneficial for market research as long as it is considered from different sides. Some panelists can see advantages, while others disadvantage. Consequently, well-rounded and all-embracing opinion or review is created. This is crucial for market research and this is what Daxue Consulting does. Market research proves to be effective, when it works in practice. But it works in practice only when good discussion and argumentation is done.